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Paperwork, Deposits and Requirements

Here are some common questions about the renting process...

How much is the Deposit?  

Deposits can range from $300-500.  The deposit will vary based on the property.  The good new is that professionally managed properties charge less than house rentals. 

Is the Application Fee refundable?

Application Fees are not refundable.  However, your deposit and admin fee MAY be refundable depending on where you are in the leasing process.  Ask us more about this if you have questions.

What is an Admin Fee?

Admin fees are many times referred to as non-refundable deposits.  This generally takes care of administrative duties and various costs that the property incurs.  Once you are approved for the property, this is non-refundable.

What is the Pet Deposit or Pet Fee?

Most properties charge a Pet Deposit and a non-refundable fee.  The fee is for cleaning the property after your move out.

Do properties have Pet Rent?

Most properties do have Pet Rent.  Pet Rent can range from $20-30 per month.

Are there pet restrictions?

Yes, properties will sometimes restrict by breed and weight.  We will make sure that your new home will accomodate your fur baby  :)

What are the requirements to rent an apartment?

Apartments will typically check 4 things: Income, Rental History, Credit and Background.  

What is the Income requirement to rent an apartment?

Typically, apartments need to verify that you make 3 to 3.5 times the monthly rent each month.  

What are the Rental History requirements?

Apartments want to know that you pay on time and have not been late.  They also will check to see that you have not broken any of the community rules at your current apartment.  Each property has different requirements, so if you have an issue, please talk to us about it and we will make sure that you are qualified for your new home.

How and when do apartments check my credit?

Properties will check your credit once you fill out an apartment application and pay your application fee.  This is usually the first thing they will do.  Some properties use credit agencies to run the applications for them.  In this case, the application check is run by a third party.

Does The Apartment Shoppe need to check my credit in advance? 
No.  We do not check your credit.  However, we can prequalify properties if you have a credit issue to try to avoid any application problems.  Talk to us and we will help you navigate through the process.

What is the Credit requirement?

Each property has different requirements when it comes to credit.  Some properties look at credit scores and some look at the complete application, giving a point system for income, rental, credit and background.  If you have questions, ask us about this process.

What is the Background requirement?

Most properties check to make sure that their tenants do not have a criminal record.  Most specifically, properties are looking to make sure that tenants do not have a crime against person charge or drug charge.  If you have a question about this, please ask us to clarify.

What are the typical lease terms?

Typical lease terms are 6-14 months.  Generally, properties offer a discounted rate on longer least terms.

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