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Locating Properties that Inspire

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Hi! My name is Susan and I have been an apartment locator in the Dallas area since 2002.  And, I have been a real estate Broker since 2004.  That's 20 years in the business!!!

While markets change, people still seek the same things.  I find that...


Isn't lifestyle EVERYTHING these days?

Are you a wine enthusiast, a foodie, a hiker, a biker, an artist, a photographer, an animal lover?

I find properties that will cater to all of this and more.  Why not live life to the fullest?


I review properties constantly to rate the quality and amenities provided to my clients. Because I have been touring properties since 2002, I am able to provide you with the best guidance in the industry!  I will help you find a home that meets your personality, your needs and your lifestyle too.  :)

I find places that fit your budget

Not only will your new apartment be GREAT, but it will fit into your budget!  I have resources, unavailable to the public, that will provide you with a personalized listing that includes real time pricing and availability.  DISCOUNTS and specials will be noted so you can make an informed decision.

I find properties that are available and provide a personalized service

I don't just provide you with a list off of the internet.  Many companies do that by clicking on buttons and spitting out a list. Alternatively, I provide insight to your lifestyle, floorplans, areas of town, management companies and more.  And, most importantly...

I value your time!

I will provide you with exact pricing and availability so that you know what is ACTUALLY AVAILABLE.  So, you won't waste time!


I believe that EXCELLENT service is what people seek today and that everyone should


Let me show you how to find a GREAT apartment while providing you with my excellent and completely FREE service!  

You will be HAPPY you did!


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